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At FNG Capital Finance, we can access commercial property loan solutions for your business and investment purposes. Should you be looking at opportunities to purchase a commercial office, suite or a medical practice premises, we have access to highly competitive commercial property financing solutions to ensure you can make the most of the opportunity. We could potentially help you utilise your SMSF to buy commercial property.


What you need to know

Find out how much you can borrow and how much deposit you may need
It is always advised to discuss it with your accountant or financial planner first before embarking on this type of investment. Commercial Mortgages are always more complicated because the lenders view them as higher risk. Loan to Value Ratios can vary from 60% to 100% depending on your circumstances, so it is imperative that you talk to your FNG Specialist so we can give you an exact picture.

Get your Approval in Principle
By getting an approval in principle, before you sign any purchasing contracts, it allows the lenders to assess your financial position ahead of time. It will be valid for up to 3 months, so you have the confidence of knowing exactly how much you can borrow for when you go to auctions, or discussions with vendors or estate agents. This could be a powerful position if you’re in competition for a property where the other party may not be as well organised.

Understand how lenders assess your options
Lenders use several different things to determine if you qualify for a loan, and just how much you qualify for. Your FNG Specialist have access to all the criteria and can help you understand all your options and give you an opportunity to choose where you would like to place your mortgage, and who would suit your needs best.

Do not make rash decisions
Purchasing a property can often become stressful and confusing. Especially when in competition for a property you really want. This is when it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Your FNG Specialist will be there to be the calming influence you need, so that rational and wise choices will be the order of the day.

We have helped many Australian businesses to secure the benefits the market has to offer. Don’t let the complexity that is securing the perfect loan for your business deter you but instead partner with us and let one of our financial brokers secure the best deal for you.

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