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Buying another property and need some advice? You’re in the right place. Investment in the Australian property market continues to be one of the most profitable long-term investment strategies in Australia. But finding the right investment property for your financial situation is not always black and white.

At Financial Network Group we have helped many Australians understand what to look for when finding the perfect investment and help create a strategy that focuses on long term growth of your portfolio. Your FNG Specialist will take care of everything. We can answer all your questions from what you can afford, to bridging loans and beyond.


How FNG can help you

Many times, securing your first investment property is not a matter of finding the right property but instead identifying what your long-term investment strategy is and finding lender’s that works for you. Whether you have one or more properties it is important to be across all changes within the financial sector so you can make decisions that secure future wealth.

At Financial Network Group we understand that every circumstance is different and that a tailored option that considers your current situation and long-term goals will provide you with the best outcome.

Our team will work closely with you to identify what works best for you whilst identifying existing and emerging opportunities within the market to fast track your success and elevate the growth of your portfolio.

We pride ourselves in delivering high return outcomes for our clients and can provide you with the expert advice you need to structure your Investment loan to work for you.

Let us help you take the first steps – In a free, confidential consultation we can let you know what the best options for you might be.

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Planning on Investing?

Investing in property has long been the Australian way and is a great way to build long- term wealth. You also don’t need to be rich to get started.

There is no right or wrong time to invest in property. It is all about your needs, your goals and your current situation. Your FNG Specialist can help you answer a few of the below questions that you will be wondering about:

  • What is my current financial position?
  • Can I afford a rental property?
  • Am I prepared to hold onto the property for a while?
  • Can I afford the upfront costs?
  • How much can I afford to borrow?
  • Do I need a deposit, and if so, how much?

Meet you face to face

  • Discuss your current situation and needs
  • Compare all options from over 30 lenders
  • Determine if refinancing is right for you
  • Negotiate a great deal for you

Organise your loan application

  • Complete the application forms
  • Package and lodge your application
  • Liaise with the lender

Manage Every Step

  • Give you good advice
  • Do your legwork and paperwork
  • Ensure your old and new lenders sort everything out
  • Take care of any issues that may arise