Secure all the benefits available to medical professionals

Our goal is to enable industry professionals with the ability to fast track their loans


  • Secure up to 90% of the purchase price
  • Save up to $40,000 through zero Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Access to discounted interest rates

Professionals within the medical industry have access to a range of advantages when finding the right loan. We are experts in understanding the benefits allotted to members of this industry and help guide you to the right solution.

Doctors, Dentists and Allied Medical Practitioners have access to pre-approval from most lenders. Our in-depth understanding in providing solutions for the sector has led to us being one of Australia’s leaders when it comes to providing Home Loan solutions for industry professionals.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored approach for every client. As one of Australia’s leading brokers of lending services to the Healthcare sector, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

What’s different for Health Professionals

The Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is in place to safeguard lenders against the possibility of default by mortgage customers, most health professionals have access to Zero insurance thus saving them money. Amongst these benefits Health Professionals can also be granted immediate pre approval and higher borrowing amounts. This is also combined with discounted interest rates that allow for further savings in your investment.

We have helped many Australian Health Professionals in securing benefits that ensure long term savings. We also possess the direct market insights that allow us to consistently support you through the lifecycle of your loan allowing you to claim further benefits as the market changes.

Every circumstance is unique and therefore we provide a tailored approach to sourcing the right solution for you. As Australia’s leading provider of lending services for the Healthcare sector you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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